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Amende pour les fumeurs de cannabis : vraie avancée ou écran de fumée ?

Le dispositif juridique concernant les fumeurs de cannabis n'avait pas été revu depuis près de 50 ans et le vote de la loi relative à la répression du trafic et de l'usage illicite des (...)

Lesotho Medical Cannabis Producer

Medi Kingdom - Africa's 1st Medical Cannabis Cultivator Medi Kingdom pioneered the 1st legal cannabis cultivation licence in the Kingdom of Lesotho. Medi Kingdom will begin during 2019 its (...)

Key UN summit could lead to international rescheduling of cannabis

The UN currently places cannabis in the strictest categories in the Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs of 1961 and the Convention on Psychotropic Substances of 1971, which only allow its use for (...)

Deep-rooted Herer Hemp Inc. sees a wide, challenging horizon

Hemp entrepreneur Dan Herer and an executive group have established Herer Hemp Inc., a new entity that has positioned itself to develop products across all major industrial hemp sectors in the (...)

Revisiting the Birthplace of the Cannabis Social Club Model and the Role Played by Cannabis (...)

Cannabis Social Clubs (CSCs) are a nonprofit model for the supply of cannabis originating in Spain. This article aims to provide an overview of current CSC practices in Barcelona, exploring the (...)

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Brings Former Marijuana Policy Project Director

In her much loved dinner prep Instagram livestreams, Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has made it clear that she thinks marijuana prohibition is a “tool” used to oppress people of color in (...)

Here is Why Setting Up a Hemp Startup is Not Easy in India

A quick Google search about hemp will leave you with two thoughts – one, hemp is a cash-rich crop and second, guilt for not making most of it. Slowly and steadily, native entrepreneurs have (...)

Cannabis perceived as less dangerous than liquor when it comes to driving

According to a recent Statistics Canada report, roughly one in seven drivers with valid licenses reported driving within two hours of consuming cannabis. The study showed that people who smoke (...)

Cannabis : Autoproduction médicale ? Oui, tant que l'Etat est irresponsable

Pour NORML France, la question de l'autoproduction ne se pose pas, elle devrait être autorisée pour l'ensemble des citoyens pour un usage social ou bien-être. L'autoproduction médicale (...)

Etes-vous favorable à la légalisation du cannabis ?

(NdlR : ça vaut le coup de répondre un OUI franc et massif. "Yes Oui Cannabis") Le cannabis est mis hors la loi dans la majorité des pays du monde au cours du xxe siècle : la convention (...)
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