L’actualité des sans-papiers (par Marie Barbier, journaliste à l’Humanité)

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Norms and values : guidelines for society

In sociology, norms are situation-related rules of behavior. These are often based on the values ​​that apply in a society. The values ​​of a Christian society include the Ten Commandments. They (...)

No New Lockdown for France But Early Curfew will be Enforced

Much to the relief of French citizens, France’s health minister announced that the government will not impose a new lockdown to suppress the spread of Covid-19. However, the health minister added (...)

Importance Of A Website In Today’s Society

Cheap Windows VPS is an affordable web host service that grants you greater control over your server. Many website owners opt for Windows VPS since this virtual server makes use of Windows (...)

Which Class You Belong ?

Social Class is a frequently used term in the American culture nowadays. Even though, not many truly know about the meaning of this phrase. Majority of us already have a sense of societal (...)

The Influence of Online Gaming on Today’s Society

Online games are the ones that require a continuous online connection so as to be performed. Offline games are those which may run/be played with no online connection. There are many games which (...)
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